Our Mission


Bringing the Digital World to Analog Play

Infinity Qube wants to remake the traditional gaming experience. By integrating an open-source, re-programmable die with a sharp, lit display that can show you anything from symbols to text to numbers, Infinity Qube can give your traditional board or table-top game a modern edge. Infinity Cube seeks to become the go-to chance interface for your game of choice, whether it’s Sorry!, Dungeons & Dragons, or even a game native to the platform. But we’re not just playing around. Our platform revamps Backgammon, sure, but it can do more than just flash your next move. We’re building a platform that can be plugged into and coded to do everything from flashing the weather in six cities to running the latest educational software. The Qube’s open source nature, six-sided display, and the Bluetooth connectivity make the possibilities infinite.



The versatility of the Qube shines through it’s 6 bright 96 x 96 pixel OLED screens.

Motion Control

Roll, flip, and tap the Qube. Motion is sensed with a 9 axis chip with integrated accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers.


Control the Qube from your phone, or reprogram it through the Low Energy Bluetooth 4 link.


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